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Constantly updated database IMEXTRADE was created to provide the visitors of the website with the information about your plant, factory or company, about your university, institute, college or academy, about you as an art worker and your works.

In order to provide the visitors with the quality database, we are constantly searching for reliable and trusted information. You may find a link to your website in our database and visitors of our website can directly connect with you through the contact information on your website, but working with us, you could give more information about the sphere of your activity and this information would be available to a larger audience in China and the CIS countries.

We add websites links to our database absolutely free of charge, and they will be posted until you change the domain name, you ask us to remove it or for some other reasons.

In any case, the choice is yours. If you think, that a link to your website is already enough, it is your right. If you think that this is not enough and with our help you want to give more detailed information about the sphere of your activity in English, Russian or Chinese, our visitors will only thank you! And the visitors of our website are your potential customers and perhaps your future partners!

We hope that working with us, you increase your sales not only in your country but also abroad.


If you are reading this, we hope that you have read the sections "Purpose and Intents" and "Problems and Solutions." It is important for us your understanding that you can use the resources of our website completely free and you will have free access to our database. Using the advanced search you can find manufacturers and their products, educational institutions and provided education, the art workers and their excellent works.

What is the point of our work? The point is to give you a choice to make your own decision on cooperation with your future partners in any of the three spheres of activity that you have chosen. In our turn, we offer the services and are always ready to help you if you need.

Available database of the manufacturers, educational institutions and art workers is constantly checked and updated with new information.

We will be very happy if this resource will be useful to you for your business, your education and your desire to buy objects of art!