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For the Internet users' convenience, our free database of educational institutions of China and the CIS countries was based on the administrative divisions of these countries. The user can also enjoy the advanced search criteria such as: country, location, field of education and major, thereby gaining access to official sites of the universities.

Below are the main factors which can determine the foreign students to choose the country and the university where he/she can study in future:
1) Abundance of the language;
2) Credibility of the country;
3) Reputation of the university;
4) Cost of tuition and accommodation;
5) Flexibility of training programs;
6) Geographic, economic, cultural and historical relations between countries;
7) Different support measures for foreign students.

Unfortunately, during the development of the website of the university the needs of foreign students are not initially taken into account, the information contained on the official websites of the institutions is not adapted for students from other countries. Many websites do not even have the English language version. This virtually eliminates the possibility to make a decision to study abroad, or significantly slows down the retrieval of information and reduces the number of potential foreign students.

As a rule, parents settle upon whether the child studies abroad or not, and in most cases they do not speak Chinese or Russian. In making this important decision not every parent will be guided entirely by the information provided by a child even if he/she can speak these languages.

To solve these problems the specialists of our company have developed a package of services that can change this situation.